Hey there!, I'm

Vinu Varsath.

Electrical Engineer and a Hobby musician, with an interest in embedded things and IOT.

🚀 Learning new skills everyday.

Currently doing my diplomo degree in EEE.

⚡ About Me

Heyo! I'm Vinu, An Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, who loves to program and automate stuff.

So, I've started my programming career in 2020. I have completed C and Java. Currently pursuing Embedded C and Python. I have experience in building Telegram Bots using Java with Spring Boot and Microcontroller Projects using Arduino, ESP32 and researching about Internet of Things (IOT) and Home automations. For collabrations contact me on telegram.

When I am not busy, I watch movies, Try to play some terrible tunes on Guitar, or If I get a partner I'll Play Chess ♟.


My Project Works.

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Here's some of my projects I've woked with.

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A Java Telegram bot that provides thirukkural in tamil, english translations with all informations.

project image

An API service which provides Pickup Lines. Written in Next.js.

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Java program to fetch lyrics from internet by song name.

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Building a JAVA Telegram Bot and Deploying in Heroku

March 4 2022 2 min read

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