Hey there!, I'm

Vinu Varsath.

Electrical Engineer and a Hobby developer with an interest in Computers and Networking.

🚀 Learning new skills everyday.

Currently doing my diplomo degree in EEE.

⚡ About Me

Hi! I'm Vinu Varsath, Basically an Electrical Engineering student, who loves to program and automate stuff.

So, I've started my programming career in 2020. I have finished C Language in 2020 & JAVA in 2021. Currently learning Advanced Java and Python. I can build Telegram Bots and Rest APIs using Spring Boot and Learning to build Android Apps using Java. Feel free to contact me on telegram.

When I am not coding, I read Sci-Fi Books, Try to play some terrible tunes on Guitar, or If I get a partner I'll Play Chess ♟.


My Project Works.

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Here's some of my projects I've woked with.

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An API service which provides Pickup Lines. Written in Next.js.

project image

Java program to fetch lyrics from internet by song name.

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A Java Telegram bot that provides thirukkural in tamil, english translations with all informations.

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Building a JAVA Telegram Bot and Deploying in Heroku

March 4 2022 2 min read

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